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Food And Wine Pairing: The Ultimate Guide

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Food And Wine Pairing: The Ultimate Guide

A fine wine exquisitely matched with its cuisine counterpart can be a transporting experience. The synthesis of intermingling disparate flavours, aromas and textures dancing on the palette, fusing to form a gastronomic symphony. Total harmonisation.

Our hallmark at Mr.Wheeler is that we choose better wine. You can enjoy our fine wines even more if you serve them with the perfect food match. Here is our ultimate guide to wine and food pairing.

Let flavour harmonisation be your guiding principle

Get this right and your meal will go from acceptable to exceptional. Serving a tangy, tomato and basil ragù? Go for a wine with a similar acidity, preferably from the same area as the food’s main ingredients. A canny tip: food and wine grown in similar soil and climactic conditions often complement one another especially well.

But beyond this, there are some truly luscious food and wine combinations that you’ll immediately appreciate, savouring the flavour combinations as the cuisine and the vino coalesce on your palate. Let’s look at some.

Ravishing red wine and food combinations

Shiraz: this is an extremely versatile grape that works with a broad range of meat dishes, from goose to peppercorn steak, braised chicken to chilli con carne, barbecued or spicy meats to garlicky casseroles and even vegetarian dishes such as ratatouille.

Pinot Noir: perfect for braised chicken, cold duck, roast turkey and roast beef, a lovely Pinot Noir will also complement charcuterie, partridge, venison, lamb, veal, liver and meat casseroles beautifully. Oh, and don’t forget, this grape is great with Gruyere cheeses and truffles, when you’re feeling decadent.

Merlot: this will complement many of the dishes a decent Pinot Noir will equally well. However, rather than truffles, rabbit or charcuterie, try Portobello mushrooms or a hearty Shepherd’s Pie.

Cabernet Sauvignon: heavenly with spicy beef, pate, just about all red meat roasts, spicy beef, duck, sausage and kidneys. This tipple is equally delightful with both cheddar and blue cheese.

Wondrous white wine and food combinations

Sauvignon Blanc: this sublime nectar will elevate a wide range of dishes to the next level and beyond. Try it with seafood like grilled or poached salmon, oysters or seafood salad. It’s also delicious with strongly flavoured cheeses, including goat’s cheese, as well as with Irish stew, ham and asparagus quiche.

Riesling: if your knife and fork are poised above a delectable Tandoori chicken, try sipping a chilled Riesling as you proceed — Tandoori will never have tasted so good. From Asian cuisine to Coquilles St Jacques, pork or ham to mussels, lobster and ham, Riesling is a dynamic wine and it is sublime with mild cheeses.

Gewurztraminer: If you’re a lover of German cuisine, this wine will make every bite of sauerkraut, pork and Muenster taste like the food of the gods. This grape works its magic superbly with Thai food and spicy dishes of all kinds, not to mention spiced or peppered cheeses. Oh, and it’s a magnificent match with a humble onion tart.

Chardonnay: because of its mellow, buttery undertones, this luscious wine compliments seafood with butter sauces, pasta with cream sauces, lighter meats like turkey, chicken and veal, as well as ham, along with creamy cheeses like Port-Salut, Gruyeres and Emmenthal.

Choose wisely

If you’re looking for the perfect fine wine match for the delicious meal you’ve taken so much care to prepare, look no further that Mr.Wheeler. We choose better wines, after all.


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