2016 Rhône Wine: Our Review

Article published Mar 28, 2018
Article by Martin Wheatley - Fine Wine Desk

With so much planned for the first half of 2018, we anticipate a foray into France’s Rhône Valley too, offering 2016 to our customers from both the North and South of this majestic region for the first time.

Châteauneuf du Pape and other key Southern Rhône villages figure highly here, with Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate noting “Moving on to the 2016 reds, it appears that the early hype is justified.

These are wines that combine immense power (and sometimes alcohol levels) with elegance, perhaps most similar to the reds from 2010 or 1990” with Côte-Rotie, Hermitage and Cornas in the North drawing similar praise, with The Wine Advocate proclaiming “The 2016s genuinely speak of their terroirs with more clarity and precision (than 2015)”. This is certainly a vintage to stock up on across the region. 

For The White Wine Lovers - Discover the full range of Rhone white wine and let us know which occasion you're going to use it for, whether it's an evening in after a long week, or an evening full of wining and dining with close friends and family! 

For The Red Wine Lovers - Explore the beautiful collection of red wine from Rhone! We have a variety to suit all taste buds, and budgets.


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