The 25 Best Christmas Wines for 2022 & beyond

Article published Dec 04, 2022

With the festive season fast approaching, many of you might be starting to look for the best Christmas wines to serve with the big family dinner.

Choosing the perfect wine for Christmas can be a task much larger than you assume. The wide variety of food served at the festive spread means that you simply cannot have only one wine to pair with everything on the table.

Here at Mr.Wheeler, we help you choose better wine, this is why we have put together our Christmas wine guide with 25 of the best wines for the festive season.

2015 Les Tours de Laroque, Château Laroque, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé
There is nothing quite like a vintage top end claret to bring the Christmas spirit to the table. If you’re a red wine drinker then this Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé will be an excellent choice to serve at the Christmas dinner table. With a fresh and vibrant aroma, flavours of ripe cherries and raspberries and a juicy palate, this Bordeaux vintage will perfectly pair with your roast turkey dinner and sides which normally accompany it like the roast potatoes or pigs in blankets.

2016 Château de Clotte, Côtes de Castillon
One of our bestselling clarets, this is definitely one of the best Christmas wines to accompany your festive dinner. This perfectly mature vintage offers gorgeously rich berry fruit flavours, hints of spice, tobacco and a beautiful mix of vanilla and oak notes. Pair it with black pudding, steak, grilled chicken or in a charcuterie board with brie and other soft cheeses.

2016 Sichel Sauternes (half bottle)
If you’re looking for a sweet wine to end the night with, this beautiful white Semillon is a fantastic choice. Its flavour profile is on the sweet side with flavours of candied citrus and notes of baked apples, however, the slight hints of nectarine and mango keep things balanced, adding a crisp ‘zing’. The sweet fruity flavours pair nicely with the raisins and candied citrus in traditional Christmas pudding.

2021 Chablis, Domaine Séguinot-Bordet
This fresh Chablis is one of the purest expressions of the chardonnay grape, delivering crisp and refined flavours with intense white fruit, floral notes and mineral freshness. If you prefer to serve a white at the dinner table then this outstanding Chardonnay is just what you need. Pair it with roast chicken or other fowl meat. Perfectly paired with roast turkey, brussel sprouts and other nutty and herby dishes, this is a beautiful wine that will impress your guests.

2018 Mâcon-Azé 'Vieilles Vignes', Les Reflets d'Ambre
This bestselling White Burgundy is the perfect treat for the festive season. Because it’s made from older vines this exquisite white has greater intensity with notes of spice, clove and toasted brioche. The ripe, expansive flavours of orchard fruit and citrus add some freshness to this absolute gem of a wine. If you choose this wine for your Christmas dinner, pair it with grilled chicken, mushrooms or creamy bread sauce.

2019 Pinot Gris, Hospices De Colmar
Those seeking a full-bodied white to pair with the Christmas turkey and bread sauce, will find this Pinot Gris to be an excellent choice. Soft, supple and aromatic, with rich, exotic fruit flavours, this white offers a delectably dry finish. This creamy white will also pair outstandingly with vegetable dishes such as artichoke hearts, asparagus or not so common for Christmas - pasta dishes.

2021 Sauvignon de Touraine, Domaine Bellevue
This truly excellent wine from Domaine Bellevue is one of our bestselling whites and it’s easy to see why. Delivering outstanding value for money this Sauvignon from the Loire Valley is a good alternative for those who do wish to indulge on a budget. Made from 100% sauvignon blanc, this white offers a delicate blend of exotic fruits, balanced notes of citrus and a persistent fresh finish, this is a wine that simply never fails to impress. On the festive spread this Sauvignon Blanc will pair nicely with herb-forward dishes as well as goats cheese and vegetable starters.

2021 Sancerre, François Millet, Loire Valley
This refreshing Sancerre is definitely worth savouring at special occasions such as your big festive family dinner. The enticing nose offers a delicate balance of subtle minerality and hits of freshly-cut grass, while the palate is one of crisp green apples, citrus and notes of tropical fruit. This exquisite sauvignon blanc is perfect to pair with white meat, cranberry sauce or the Christmas staple cheese and crackers.

2021 Viognier, Domaine Gayda, Pays d'Oc
With its characteristic floral aroma this white burgundy has plenty to offer to those who normally enjoy drinking chardonnay or sauvignon. What makes this Viognier the perfect wine for Christmas is the fact it’s so food-friendly. You can partner it with many dishes on the dinner table including lighter meats such as pork, veal or smoked salmon. You can also save some to have with your Boxing Day Chinese takeaway as it’s an outstanding pair for Aisan cuisine.

2021 Racine Picpoul de Pinet, Languedoc-Roussillon
Fish is not uncommon at the Christmas table and many people enjoy indulging in seafood dishes like smoked salmon, prawn cocktail or fish pate. If you’re looking for the perfect white wine to pair with fish, then this Picpoul is the ultimate choice. This is a firm favourite of ours when it comes to seafood-friendly wines as it combines lively freshness, ripe citrus fruit and a lovely texture.

Brut Tradition, Champagne Michel Guilleminot
What is Christmas dinner without the festive fizz? This Brut Tradition is our bestselling Champagne and as such the perfect sparkling wine to delight your guests. Classed as Blanc de Noirs and therefore made out of 100% pinot noir, this style of sparkling wine is known for its fruit-forward flavour profile and elegant nose. This fresh and complex champagne opens up with notes of red fruit and ends with a touch of brioche and biscuits, the perfect festive taste to pair with a Christmas cheese board, an indulgent dessert of salted nuts and popcorn.

Prosecco Brut, Ca Vittoria
Another staple wine for the Christmas season is this golden, bubbly Proscecco. With an aroma characterised by notes of ripe apple and delicate acacia flowers. Bone dry with a gently balanced palate and complex flavour profile this is truly a top-class sparkling wine. A bit sweeter than traditional Champagne, this wine pairs excellently with seafoods, savoury cheese, cured meats or fruits.

2018 Clos de Bartolomé, Priorat
If you enjoy the taste of a big flavourful Spanish red, then this 2018 blend is a truly exquisite choice. Hints of warm spice, black cherry, dried figs and subtle vanilla on the nose this textured and bold red wine is the perfect option to serve at any Christmas party or family gathering. A big bold red like this one is an excellent wine pair for hearty meaty dishes. Serve it on the Christmas spread with pork, lamb beef, grilled chicken or a warming stew.

2021 Fiano, Carlomagno, Puglia
Fresh, vibrant and deliciously fruity this light Italian white is a wonderful aperitif to pair with Christmas canapés. This brilliant white wine captures the full charm of Fiano in a bottle from the ripe citrus fruits and peachy freshness to a gentle ripple of sea breeziness. This lightness is what makes it such a great pairing wine for light bites such as baked brie bites, shrimp cocktail, chicken skewers or other popular Christmas starters.

Rutherglen Muscat, Pfeiffer, Victoria (50cl)
With a rich palate of lucious dried fruit this sweet wine, made from the high in sugar muscat grapes, offers a fantastic finish for your big festive dinner. The notes of florals and raisined fruits make this Australian wine a wonderful pair for traditional Christmas pudding, but there are plenty of other combinations to try. If you want to enjoy it with the main part of your meal, serve it with chicken liver pate, honey glazed duck or a rich blue cheese.

2022 River Garden Sauvignon Blanc, Greenhough, Nelson
This fresh Sauvignon is the perfect option for anyone seeking a crisp white to go with their turkey dinner or festive appetisers. Passion fruit, nectarine and melon are only a few of the tropical fruits featured in the expressive palate of this medium-bodied New Zealand white wine. The notes of freshly cut grass and crushed herbs ass an enticing depth to the blend. Fresh as a mountain stream, but also with some weight, this fine sauvignon is overall very appealing. As far as food pairings with this wine go, on the festive spread it’s best to serve it with smoked salmon, oysters or a creamy goats cheese tart.

2015 Estate Reserve Red Blend Glenelly, Stellenbosch
This signature red blend combines the rich and peppery character of the Syrah with Cabernet Sauvignon’s aroma of black and cherries, as well as notes of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The spectacular balance of fine tannins, lifted by the fresh notes of ripe fruit makes this red one of our finds of the year. Enjoy with your main festive dinner or serve as an aperitif with Christmas canapes, the choice is all yours.

2020 Crocodile's Lair Chardonnay, Bouchard Finlayson, Elandskloof Valley
Made from grapes grown in the Elandskloof Valley, tucked away in the Overberg Mountains of South Africa, this Chardonnay is a sleek and elegant delight to indulge in this Christmas. With notes of refreshing lemon curd, ripe apricot and a hint of honeyed toast, this white delivers a long satisfying finish that would pair outstandingly with baked camembert and crackers or other light dishes traditionally served at the Christmas table.

2021 Chenin Blanc 'Original' Raats Family Wines, Stellenbosch
Finding an outstanding chenin blanc outside of the Loire Valley is a rarity, especially as most wines of this variety can be quite pricey. This Chenin Blanc from the Robertson Valley in South Africa, however, offers fantastic quality at a great price. The versatile aromas of this white wine exude the juicy notes of golden apples and pineapple, and the zesty crispness of fresh lime. A bottle of this vibrant and expressive wine simply belongs at the festive table. To unlock the full potential of this wine it’s best to pair it with light meat-based dishes like smoked ham, roast pork, chicken kievs or scampi.

Crusted Port, Fonseca
A powerful, aromatic Port like this one definitely has a space saved on our table for the Christmas season. Combining dark berry fruits and layers of plum, raisin and spice, this richly complex wine is one that many wine lovers will enjoy. For a wine of this calibre the price tag under £20 is more than reasonable as well. Pair it with a warm mince pie, or aromatic crumbly Stilton and it would go down an absolute treat.

2010 Château Laroche Bel Air, Côtes de Bordeaux
This excellent vintage claret is our top choice for a Christmas all-rounder claret. With a rich, evolved fruit profile, this luxurious merlot-dominated blend will complement pretty much all of the dishes on the Yuletide table, from the traditional roast turkey or gammon to beef, lamb or game. With such an evolved fruit profile, this wine is simply delicious on its own as well. We honestly struggle to nominate a better Christmas claret at this price point.

2015 Château Ramafort, Cru Bourgeois, Médoc
Another cracking claret that will simply amuse all of your guests this holiday season, this expressive Cru Bourgeois has a well-defined bouquet with notes of raspberry, blackberry and a light cocoa scent. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannins and hints of oak spice. Paired heavenly with grilled roast lamb cooked with a generous amount of herbs and garlic. You simply cannot go wrong with purchasing a bottle (or two) of this Bordeaux vintage.

2019 Pouilly-Vinzelles 'En Paradis', Louis Latour
This top end white burgundy will certainly take you to paradise. With heavenly aromas of honeyed acacia, white peach and apricot and flavours of exotic fruit, zesty grapefruit, brioche and vanilla, this gloriously textured Pouilly-Vinzelles is definitely a wine to save for a special occasion. Drink it with stuffed or roasted mushrooms, rich fish dishes, pork or a festive cheese board and you simply can’t go wrong.

2003 'Pergolaia' Caiarossa Toscana Rosso
A fine wine like this Italian red is certainly best savoured on special occasions. This fully-mature 2003 vintage offers a brilliantly long finish, with a nose full of beautiful flavours of fruitcake, truffle, coffee, tobacco spice and leather. For under £20, this red is a steal that simply belongs on your Christmas dinner table.

2016 'The Siding' Cabernet Sauvignon, Wynns, Coonawarra
Known as a people-pleaser red, cab sauvignon is a must-have for the festive season, especially one as good as this one. Its gratifyingly rich and spicy palate features plenty of dark berry fruit and touches of mint, eucalyptus and herbs. The slightest hint of tannin helps shape the mouth watering finish of this appealing red. If you’re serving roast beef for your Christmas lunch or dinner then this cabernet is the perfect accompaniment to go with it.

Choose the Best Christmas Wines With Mr Wheeler!

Let us delight you this Christmas with our Christmas wine selection sourced from family-owned, artisan vineyards around the globe. Here at Mr Wheeler we want to help our customers choose better wine based on knowledge and insight, while taking into account your preferences, the occasion and your budget.

If you want to choose authentic, sustainably-sourced wines this Christms, we invite you to browse our selection of wine gifts, mixed cases, magnums and much more.


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