Greenhough Wines, Nelson: Our Review

Article published May 23, 2017

Better wine drinking means experiencing a greater level of enjoyment and satisfaction. For us, it is about empowering Mr.Wheeler customers to be able to choose wines based on knowledge and insight provided by us, and an understanding of what they enjoy. It’s a constant battle to convince people to “buy better” with so much choice out there in the supermarkets – but when you do and taste the difference, my goodness it’s worth the extra.

New Zealand is one wine producing country that has done the wine world proud, by marketing themselves as consistently “premium” or better, than their new world competitors, right up and down the scale. Yes, there are some cheap UK-bottled Kiwi products out there, but in the main, we see that consumers are proud to buy New Zealand wine, and it’s considered a specialty area for us.

Deep, structured French-inspired Syrah and Bordeaux blends from Hawke’s Bay; Pinot Noirs of all shapes and sizes from the one of the world’s most southerly wine-producing areas of Otago on the south island, through Marlborough, Martinborough, to Auckland in the north of North Island. Brilliant pure and aromatic white wines from “everyone’s favourite” premium wine, Marlborough Sauvignon, to more interesting Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. And there’s a large roster of Burgundy-rivalling Chardonnay too.

But it’s an artisan winemaker in the lesser-known region of Nelson, west of Marlborough in the beautiful Tasman Bay, we’d like to focus on. Here, for over twenty-five years, Greenhough have been crafting authentic Nelson wines. Whites are a speciality (although his single-vineyard Pinot Noir is knock-out!), with delicious Loire-styled Sauvignons, beautifully pure Rieslings and Gewurzs, and a stunning Pinot Blanc which makes up a wonderful range. Here are two of our favourites:


Stop fermented to retain enough residual sweetness and preserve the ripe citrus, which are joined by a leaf-like aroma. Subtle citrus florals, with a fresh, lemon-lime aromatic, there is so much to enjoy in the nose alone! Classic just off-dry style Riesling with notable structure and texture being as important to the palate as fruit flavour. Lively acidity is carried by beautifully ripe, naturally sweet fruit on the palate, and the finish is dry and harmonious.  Persistent and poised with real promise to age too.


Produced in tiny quantities, this is one of the only Pinot Blancs you’ll find from New Zealand. Aromas of ripe, fresh pears, star anise and savouriness lure you in. On the palate a combination of fresh green and ripe pears with gingerbread spice to the finish. The wine has a rich, textural mouth-feel with a mellow softness balanced by refreshing minerality. Sophisticated wine with potential for real complexity as it ages. Delicious!

View the Greenhough range here



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