Burgundy 2017 En Primeur: Our Top Picks

Article published Feb 18, 2019
Article by Martin Wheatley - Fine Wine Desk

There is simply no doubt that 2017 Burgundy has been a huge hit for the Mr.Wheeler team and our customers alike. Day to day it has been a pleasure to discuss and dissect the vintage at every opportunity, and having over heard a number of conversations at Mr.Wheeler headquarters, it is clear that a handful of domaines and particular wines have been recommended in relentless fashion! It seemed logical therefore to highlight a small range of our favourites, to offer you the inside track from this most compelling and rewarding vintage.

As a brief introduction, the wines of Chablis enjoyed a spectacular vintage in 2017, one of the finest in decades. Taut, linear and mineral driven, Samuel Billaud’s Petit Chablis is an absolute stunner, originating from a vineyard adjacent to Grand Cru Le Clos, it has all of the tension and poise one hopes forin the region, yet is offered at a giveaway price. Gérard Thomas in St Aubin has once again produced a stellar range of wines in 2017, his 1er Cru Murgers des Dents de Chien being the pick of the bunch and produced in a vineyard with one of the greatest terroirs in all of Burgundy.

One of the most exciting growers in Gevrey Chambertin is Domaine Heresztyn-Mazzini. Offered here is their Bourgogne Rouge, which is actually a vineyard specific selection from just outside Gevrey itself. Modern, bright and full of bramble fruited richness, it shows all of 2017’s charm from one of Burgundy’s hottest new tickets. Finally, an absolute coupe in the form of Fixin from Domaine Livera. This progressive grower is on an amazing upward curve of notoriety. Effortlessly stylish, the wines are pure and fresh with exceptional focus in the glass. Domaine Livera is on the move and to be able to taste and enjoy these wines whilst the prices remain fair is certainly our recommendation!


Martin Wheatley - Mr.Wheeler's Fine Wine Desk


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