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Bordeaux 2017 En Primeur Report

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Bordeaux 2017 En Primeur Report

As the year moves on we find ourselves knocking on Bordeaux’s door once again.

In early April the UK wine trade departs to taste through the soon to be released 2017 vintage in this most noble of regions. Having enjoyed outstanding universal success in 2016 both in a qualitative and production sense, 2017 will be a vintage remembered for frost. The hardest, most destructive frost since the famous 1991 vintage. As a consequence, the vintage has proved complicated in that no generalisations of quality can be made. The wines appear to offer plenty of freshness, ripeness and ageability, in fact, many may rival the great 2016s for sheer concentration and pedigree.

It should be noted that these wines are more likely to provide the exception, not the rule, and careful selection by Mr.Wheeler will provide the greatest chance of success. One thing is for sure, if priced correctly even in a variable vintage, seriously good wines across all communes and quality levels are sure to be unearthed - we very much look forward to communicating them with you as soon as we can!

In the meantime, you can discover the Bordeaux collection of red wine that is currently available!


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