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Wine Pairings

It's a question that we're asked over and again in our Dedham shop and one we are delighted to answer

A fine wine exquisitely matched with its cuisine counterpart can be a transporting experience. The synthesis of intermingling disparate flavours, aromas and textures dancing on the palette, fusing to form a gastronomic symphony. Total harmonisation.

Our hallmark at Mr.Wheeler is that we choose better wine. You can enjoy our fine wines even more if you serve them with the perfect food match. Here is our ultimate guide to wine and food pairing.

1. Are you a Fish Foody?

It's the texture of the fish you need to consider first; For example oily fish like sardines are best accompanied by crisp, white wines, such as Muscadet or Soave. Meanwhile, fleshier fish such as sea bass or turbot are partnered better by richer dry whites such as oaked Chardonnays, Chenin Blancs or Alsace Rieslings. If you are a red lover, you can try a light Pinot Noir with denser tuna or salmon.

Alsace Rieslings

Chenin Blancs


Pinot Noir

2. Serving richer food?

Sweeter wines can be a better accompaniment. Scallops are delectable with a demi-sec Vouvray, lobster is luscious with Alsace Grand Cru Riesling while foie gras is sublime with Sauternes.

Alsace Grand Cru Riesling


3. Curry lover?

Serve a hearty Rioja with dishes made with strong Indian spices. Aromatic, oriental spices often require a more fragrant, vibrant white wine such as a Gewurztraminer, a Viognier or Grüner Veltliner.

Grüner Veltliner



4. Fancy a roast?

There's nothing like a family Sunday roast and for this we recommend you present the finest red wines; mature claret with beef, fine Burgundy with chicken and reserva Rioja with lamb - sheer heaven!


Reserva Rioja

5. Cured Meats & Hams

If you're serving cured meats or hams, match them with a light red; a Beaujolais or new world Pinot Noir. But it's best to steer away from tannic reds with salty foods.


New World Pinot Noir

6. Sauce pairing

If a sauce or jus is central to your dish then it is this that you should match your wine to rather than the food it tops.

Enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon with red and tomato based sauces while choosing a glass of Pinot Noir for creamy and oil based sauces.

Pinot Noir

Cabernet Sauvignon

7. Passionate about pasta?

If you're eating Italian, drink Italian. A vibrant Sangiovese or fresh Pinot Grigio balances tomato or olive based recipes well.


Pinot Grigio

8. Light summer foods

Summer's coming - or do you generally prefer vegetarian, salads or lighter eating? Marry Sauvignon Blanc with quiches, roasted vegetables or tempting salads.

Sauvignon Blanc

9. More than your just desserts

Don't forget dessert. Here the trick is to serve a dessert wine that is sweeter than your dish. Fresh fruity puddings are lovely with opulent Muscats; serve richer botrytis-style wines if your guests enjoy more caramelised flavours. Chocolate? try a sweet red.


Sweet Reds

Dessert Wines

10. Should you pair Port with cheese?

It's a myth that Port is always the perfect cheese companion. Apart from with Stilton, that is, where it is sheer perfection. It can be better to choose a mature red to go with a mixed cheese board, one that is not too tannic. White wines can play their part: try Sauvignon Blanc with goat's cheese, Gewuztraminer with 'stinky' cheeses and Sauternes with salty blue cheeses.



Sauvignon Blanc

This concludes our top ten tips to guide you in the right direction. However, rules are made to be broken, don't be afraid to experiment and try some daring food and wine combinations. And if you do, call in and tell us all about it!

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