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What is En Primeur?

Fine wine

Buying 'En Primeur' direct from the producers is a method of purchasing wine before it becomes more widely available on the open market, particularly from the more sought after regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Wines can generally be bought En Primeur during the year following the grape harvest, often whilst the wine is still being made – which can be as much as two or three years – before the wine is finished and ready for delivery. 

Exclusive wines

Buying En Primeur is often also the only way of securing parcels of wine which may never make it onto the open market. Fully mature examples of the most sought-after Bordeaux and Burgundy on the market are very scarce indeed and often appreciably more expensive.

Duty-free prices

En Primeur prices do not include duty or VAT, both of which are payable when the wine is removed from bonded storage and delivered. You can opt for delivery straight after the wine is shipped, or keep it in storage ‘under bond’ until you’re ready (for which a small storage fee will apply). If you’d like to cellar some wines for drinking at optimum maturity (and don’t have your own home cellar), why not give it a go?

Better value

Buying En Primeur allows you to purchase at the ‘opening price’ – usually the cheapest price at which a particular wine will ever be available.

World class storage

Most of us don't have a wine cellar at home. At Mr.Wheeler's cellars in Vinothèque, a specialist wine storage facility in Burton-Upon-Trent, all private client reserves are marked with a unique rotation number as required by HM Revenue & Customs for bonded goods.

In addition, each case of wine is clearly identifiable, confirming your ownership. Fine Wine Plan members also benefit from a special reduced storage rate.

Once logged in to our new Portfolio Tracker service, you have 24 hour visibility of your wine cellar, and the ability to give withdrawal instructions online.

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