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Burgundy 2017

En Primeur

Early January is always an exciting time in the UK wine trade, the highlight of which is most certainly the release of Burgundy’s latest vintage. We have put together a selection that really shows off the best the entire Côte d’Or has to offer, and our wine experts cannot wait to help you navigate the meanders of this most complex – and most fascinating – region.

Our extensive tastings showed remarkable consistency across the appellations, and great transparency, each terroir coming through well, at least at the excellent addresses we work with. Reds are quite simply joyful – they have lovely weight and textures with fresh, juicy red fruit cores and well balanced acid and tannic structures reminiscent to those of the 2000s, which are still drinking very well indeed nigh on 20 years’ later.

The whites, meanwhile, are very close indeed to the exceptional 2014s, sometimes even surpassing them in some Domaines. They have splendid richness and energy, with excellent streaks of acidity.

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Burgundy 2017 Overview

Early January is always an exciting time in the UK wine trade, the highlight of which is most certainly the release of Burgundy’s latest vintage. Coinciding as it does with our exhaustive tastings across growers and ranges, it is an industrious time for the Mr.Wheeler team as we busily add the final touches our own hand selected offer.

Hot on the heels of 2015’s exuberance and irresistible charm followed by 2016’s elegance and classical refinement, comes the vintage that Burgundian vignerons had been hoping for – 2017...


Domaine Samuel Billaud

A producer of exceptional Chablis and the undoubted driving force within the famed Domaine Billaud-Simon before the estate’s division earlier this decade. Having reclaimed several hectares of the original estate’s vineyards and set out on his own, Samuel has rapidly reinforced his reputation and become one of the region’s most dynamic and respected growers. Samuel makes precise, elegant and terroir-true expressions of every vineyard in his care. His wines are electric and simply crackle with the tension and vibrancy for which the region is so well known. Offering scintillating wines from the refreshing, steely fresh Petit-Chablis through to bold and dynamic Grand Crus, Samuel Billaud is a master of his craft. These are singular Chablis and the sheer embodiment of purity and poise.


Domaine Séguinot-Bordet

Domaine Séguinot-Bordet can trace its history back to 1590, although the winery, now run by Jean-Francois Bordet, is anything but dated. The wines are made in a well-equipped modern winery, with vinification taking place in stainless steel vats. The domaine’s vineyards occupy some of Chablis’ most prime sites, and following 3-5 months ‘lees ageing’, the wines have a wonderful luscious and pristine style.


Domaine Rois Mages

Domaine Rois Mages was founded by the delightful Anne-Sophie Debavelaere in 1984. Anne-Sophie now runs the domaine alongside her son Felix, who was recently awarded the ‘Jeunes Talents’ trophy for the best new winemaker in Burgundy. These are the best Rullys we have tried for quite some time.


Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot

One of the most consistently brilliant addresses in Chassagne-Montrachet, Domaine Jean-Marc Pillot is one of the very best sources of fine Burgundy. Whilst his reds clearly demonstrate why Chassagne first established its reputation as a red wine commune, Jean-Marc’s whites are seductive and richly textured with superb precision, opened aromatics and flawless balance. From the modest Santenay and St Romain to the exalted Chevalier-Montrachet, there is also something to suit all budgets – only one thing is certain: we all need one (or three) of Jean-Marc’s wines in our Burgundy selection.


Domaine Gérard Thomas et Filles

Gérard Thomas’s wines have become firm favourites of ours over the last few years. Winemaking at this excellent domaine is now handled by Gérard’s two daughters Anne and Isabelle. The Thomas house style is one of purity, freshness and precision, with very well-judged use of oak.


Domaine Hubert Lamy

Olivier Lamy runs what is widely considered THE best estate in Saint-Aubin. The wines here are of the quality of Olivier’s neighbours in Puligny-Montrachet at a fraction of the price. We were absolutely delighted to welcome the last 3 vintages from Lamy back to our portfolio – and the 2017s are looking exceptional. Clearly one of Burgundy’s greatest talents, Olivier’s overriding pursuit of purity and definition in each and every cuvée yields wines of scintillating freshness, brilliant terroir expression and superb age worthiness. A Domaine to follow year in, year out.


Domaine Jean-Louis Chavy

Jean Louis Chavy and his brother Alain split the family domaine 10 years ago, and now make very different – but equally delicious – wines in this famous village. Jean-Louis’ style is more forward and earlier drinking with more roundness. He bottles comparatively early, at around 14 months from the harvest, yielding delicious Puligny of great generosity and texture.


Domaine Jacques Carillon

We have been visiting the Carillon cellars in Puligny for many, many years, and this is undeniably one of the very greatest domaines in the village. These are classic, ‘grown-up’ burgundies, exhibiting a unique fusion of mineral linearity and supreme tension. Up there alongside the greatest winemakers in the world, Jacques’ wines speak so clearly of their unique terroir and so eloquently of their ‘place’. “I admire the precision and terroir expression in Jacques’ wines, pure and fizzing with energy. They come highly recommended” Neal Martin,


Domaine Dominique Lafon

Already responsible for some of the very finest white wines in the world at his family Domaine in Meursault, and for some of the best value the world of wine has to offer in their Maconnais outfit, Dominique Lafon has also been making his own wines for 11 years now, from vineyards he either owns or manages. The Dominique Lafon wines coming out of the Château de Bligny winery are superb, showing the value of Dominique’s talent, experience and meticulous attention to detail. 


Domaine Henri Darnat

At the helm of the family estate since 2000, Henri Darnat and his wife Marion manage their vineyards, including family Monopole (and smallest 1er Cru in Meursault) Clos Richemont with the utmost care, following the principles of organic viticulture. The proportion of old vines means that they can leave the fruit on the vine a bit longer without losing too much acidity, so the style of the estate is one of rich, seductive and opulent whites with excellent balance and harmony.


Domaine Patrick Javillier

Over the past 4 and a half decades Patrick, and now his daughter Marion, have built an impressive (and deserved) following and reputation, as not only one of the best Meursault producers out there, but also as one of the most consistently brilliant and good value producers in the entire Côte d’Or. Their Bourgogne Blanc cuvée Oligocène is a very strong contender for the title of Best Value White in Burgundy year in, year out. These are meticulously crafted wines of superb balance and harmony.


Benjamin Leroux

Benjamin has been a good friend of ours since his days at Comte Armand, and his powerful, impressive winemaking style shines through this vintage. Recalling his first ever visit to the UK back in 1999 during our recent tastings, Benjamin spent some time reminiscing about his stay with Richard Wheeler, not least for the friendly dispute regarding the relative merits of local Mersea Oysters versus their French counterparts! As for the wines, Benjamin’s Volnay 1er Cru Les Mitans is rapidly becoming a must-have from our offer, the 2017 perhaps his greatest expression of this famous terroir to date.


Domaine Joseph Voillot

Domaine Joseph Voillot holds 10 hectares of vineyards spanning the communes of Volnay and Pommard. For the Mr.Wheeler team, the sheer understatement and elegance captured by winemaker Jean Pierre Charlot in 2017 was impossible to ignore, with the wines showing modern classicism whilst perfectly expressing the wine’s unique terroirs. These are wines which speak so eloquently of their individual sites and are the essence of pinot noir. For buyers keen to experience the purity and poise of Volnay and Pommard in a great vintage, look no further than Domaine Joseph Voillot.


Domaine Jean-Jacques Girard

One of Savigny’s oldest domaines, originally founded in 1529. Jean-Jacques has been producing wine here as the sole proprietor since 1998, and with significant recent investment in the cellar and winery, is producing outstanding wines. With his long experience of viticulture, Jean-Jacques firmly believes that the best wines are made in the vineyard and thus focuses his efforts on optimising the quality and health of the grapes themselves. This effort is reflected in his delightfully supple, elegant and classic wines.


Domaine Lécheneaut

New to us this year, we were highly impressed by the quality at Philippe and Vincent Lécheneaut’s estate in Nuits-St-Georges. This ten hectare estate was created by their father, Fernan Lécheneaut in the 1980s. An extensive range of the finest villages of the Côte de Nuits is produced he; all were delicious - perfect expressions of pinot noir – rich, sumptuous and elegant, traditionally vinified, with minimum intervention. Three of our favourite wines are included here.


Domaine Confuron-Cotétidot

Yves Confuron’s family have been making wine in Burgundy since the 17th Century. Based in Vosne-Romanée, the Confurons are undoubtedly a ‘big name’ in the region, and even have a clone of pinot noir named after them – ‘Pint Confuron’.

The style here is deep, dark and substantial – whole-bunch fermentation is used, vineyards are farmed organically and use of oak is careful. Late picking is common practice here, producing wines of great ripeness and texture. These are substantial offerings, with serious ageing potential.


Domaine Jacques Cacheux et Fils

Domaine Jacques Cacheux began making wines in the 1950s. Having retired in the mid-1990s it is down to the perseverance and impeccable standards instilled by his son, Pascal, which has firmly rooted the domaine at the very top of Vosne-Romanée growers over the past decade. Holding a total of 5 hectares of vines across the communes of Vosne Romanée, Echézeaux and Nuits-St-Georges, there is a silky purity and texture in these stunning wines which came through so naturally in 2017.


Domaine Michel Magnien

Fréderic Magnien is the fifth generation to run this biodynamic family estate in Morey-Saint-Denis. This is one of the finest estates in the region with wines of extraordinary aroma, fruit and elegance partnering the trademark Magnien richness and depth, with subtle use of new oak. These are burgundies to make you sit up and take notice.


Domaine Heresztyn-Mazzini

To say that Florence Heresztyn and her Champenois husband Simon Mazzini are enjoying a fine run of winemaking form is the understatement of 2019. Having delighted us with their impressive 2015s, closely followed by a range of exceptional terroir-led and beautifully proportioned releases in 2016, the 2017 vintage continues their rise to worldwide prominence and speaks volumes about progressive, true-to-terroir, thoroughly modern Burgundy. Most of the wines are made along biodynamic principles, with partial whole-bunch fermentation which has once again produced wines of notable perfume, richness, texture and depth of fruit. 


Domaine Rossignol-Trapet

Nicholas and David Rossignol make some of Burgundy’s most sumptuous, exotic, complex and exciting pinot noir. Based in Gevrey-Chambertin, their wines offer great depth, concentration and exude a wealth of character. Always true to their terroir, these wines are stylish, accessible and beautifully made across the range.

We are thrilled to have secured an allocation of Nicolas and David’s splendid and highly sought-after 2017s, with their rich, pure and refreshing fruit flavours and extraordinary depth and texture. The sheer confidence in the glass and the fine balance between luscious fruit concentration and scintillating tension simply electrified Rossignol-Trapet’s wines – they are truly a joy. Star wines from the vintage include the Gevrey-Chambertin Vielles Vignes, 1er Cru Beaune Teurons, and rare Grand Cru Chapelle-Chambertin, all of which were simply breath-taking.


Domaine Aurélien Verdet

From his modest winery hidden away from the beaten path in the little village of Arcenant in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits, Aurélien Verdet crafts wines of astonishing purity and precision. A highly talented young winemaker whose following is growing steadily every year, Aurélien is no exception to the adage that “Great wine is created in the vineyard”. Indeed he lavishes great care and attention on his 5.5 ha of vines, which he farms organically to produce fruit of superb quality. The winemaking is then all about respecting that fruit to bring the terroir through, which he does with great aplomb. A rising star to watch!


Domaine Livera

An exciting addition to our range – often the best way to find the “next star” is word of mouth from local winemakers and serious Burgundy collectors who regularly visit the region. So when Domaine des Tilleuls (now known as Domaine Livera) came up in conversations in twice in the same week, we thought we’d better pay attention. The Livera family have been settled on the Domaine for almost 100 years, but Damien, who has been in charge for 12 years now, has taken the wines to a different level altogether, with his style one of purity, precision of fruit and impressive depth, quite reminiscent of the wines produced by Arnaud Mortet (who is a close friend and advisor). This is very much an up-and-coming address to watch closely.


Domaine Boyer-Martenot

This estate has been on our radar for a couple of years now, and continues to make rich, honeyed Meursault, for drinking relatively young. Vincent Boyer has recently inherited the winemaking reins from his father Yves, and we have been hugely impressed by the great balance and finesse achieved here in 2017. Fine, fresh citrus acidity and mineral notes sit very comfortably here alongside the broader, honeyed, nuttier flavours of this village’s wines.


2017 Montagny Premier Cru, Les Chaniots, Vignerons de Buxy

The arrival of a new vintage from one of our most popular producers is always a time of great anticipation and excitement. And having just tasted the new vintage the excitement was fully justified. The quality of the 2017 vintage shines through here, somewhere between 2015 and 2016 in style - with some of the ripeness and texture of the former, and the citrus freshness and class of the latter.