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Build an affordable and rewarding fine wine collection

You don’t have to be an expert to know what you like, but when it comes to buying fine wine it definitely helps to have the advice of an experienced professional – which is where My Cellar comes in. Let Mr.Wheeler’s fine wine experts help you to choose an enviable selection of delicious vintages, either to lay down for personal enjoyment in years to come, or to be re-sold once they reach maturity.

My Cellar is the easy and affordable way to start your fine wine collection. Simply choose your monthly subscription amount, decide whether you wish to buy for drinking or investment (or both), and advise us of your preferences in terms of style, region, and bottle price.

Free case of wine worth £200

Boost your fine wine collection right from the off with a free case of 2010 Chateau Cissac, Cru Bourgeois Haut-Medoc, Bordeaux, worth £200. Simply sign up for a minimum monthly payment of £100 or more.*

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The finest wines
The finest wines

From the most sought-after labels to interesting up-and-coming winemakers, you’ll have access to spectacular wines from both new- and old-world producers. Your dedicated fine wine advisor will carefully match purchase recommendations to your tastes, and to your future aspirations - to drink your wine once mature, or to sell at the peak of its value.

Best value
Best value

Buying wine en primeur or in bond means that you’ll benefit from the lowest possible prices on the best quality vintages. Not only is a young wine – still to mature and fulfil its potential – more affordable than one at its drinking peak, but purchases held in a bonded warehouse are stored VAT- and duty-free until such time as you wish to withdraw your wine for drinking.

Personal service
Personal service

You’ll be allocated a personal fine wine advisor, dedicated to ensuring that your cellar is everything you want it to be. They’ll get to know you and your wine preferences, and will include you in the process as much as you wish: with your approval for every purchase or discretion to let them make the buying decisions. It’s your cellar and your choice.

Investment Potential
Investment Potential

Should you wish to treat your cellar wholly as an investment, or use it subsidise your fine wine drinking by purchasing a number of cases for later resale, your expert fine wine advisor can make purchase recommendations to meet your requirements. You’ll be surprised at just how much value your collection may accrue.

There are no joining or management fees, and the process couldn’t be simpler:
Choose a monthly payment

It’s easy and affordable to begin your own fine wine collection. Starting from as little as £50 per month, you’ll build up your funds until a suitable wine becomes available. You can kick-start your account with an initial lump sum, change your standing order at any time, and of course make additional payments whenever you like.

Allocate between investment and enjoyment

Choose whether you wish to invest in wines with the greatest profit potential – in which case we will advise on those with a proven record in the secondary market – or whether you plan to withdraw bottles at their peak, to enjoy with friends and family. Of course, you might decide to do both, with your investment stocks helping to subsidise your own fine wine drinking.

Benefit from the expertise of your fine wine advisor

Taking into account your drinking and investment objectives, your budget, and of course your personal tastes, your dedicated fine wine professional will make recommendations as appropriate vintage opportunities become available. They’ll take time to get to know you and your preferences, and you can choose to have full control over every purchase, or to leave the decision-making to us.

Build up a cellar of fine wine

You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll begin to build up an enviable cellar – and with very little effort, too, thanks to the assistance of our fine wine advisors. Our state-of-the-art bonded storage facility will keep your purchases in perfect condition, safeguarding your investment and allowing your wines to age in the optimum manner.

Choose when to sell on or drink

You can withdraw your wines for home delivery at any time – though of course we’ll always offer advice on their ‘drinking window’, so you can enjoy them at their best. You can decide to sell on part or all of your collection, in which case your dedicated fine wine professional will advise you on the best way to go about this and arrange the sale on your behalf.

  • Personal service from a dedicated fine wine professional
  • From just £50 per month
  • Free case of wine if you sign up for £100+ per month*
  • No joining or management fees
  • Cellar tailored to suit your tastes and objectives
  • Approve all buying choices yourself, or leave it to us
  • Optimum-conditions cellarage at preferential rates
  • Priority access to fine wine
  • Drink wines at their peak, or sell them on
  • Flexibility to make additional payments
  • Insurance cover for your cellar
My Cellar My Cellar
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*Your FREE case will be added to your reserves in bond after your first subscription payment has been received. The free wine will be available for withdrawal after 12 months of continued membership and will be subject to delivery, UK duty and VAT. Free cases also attract cellarage at your normal rate. 

Delivery & Cellarage charges July 2015 – June 2016

Cellarage (Non-members) £12.00/12, £6.00/6, per year
Cellarage (Members) £10.00/12, £5.00/6, per year

Delivery - Free (12 bottles minimum)**
Collection - Free**

Pricing includes VAT

**Providing the wine has been purchased from us.

Duty & VAT

If you choose to store your wine ‘under bond’, duty and VAT will only be due once you withdraw the wine and take delivery. Wine duty is a fixed charge and remains the same, regardless of the cost of the wine.

Current duty rates*:
Still Wine (5.5%-15% ABV) £25.01/12 £2.084/bottle
Sparkling Wine (8.5%-15% ABV) £32.03/12 £2.67/bottle
Sherry / Port (15%-22% ABV) £33.34/12 £2.78/bottle
VAT is a flat 20%* on top of the purchase price (not the current value) plus the duty.

A case of wine is purchased for £500 under bond 
Upon withdrawal, the following fees are due: 
Duty* £25.01
VAT* on the Duty (20% of £25.01) £5.00
VAT* on the wines (20% of £500) £100.00
Total to pay upon delivery £130.01

*VAT and duty correct as of March 2016.